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Mobility Scooters


As a social enterprise we are dependent on mobility equipment donations. In our case studies we gathered information using telephone surveys, questionnaires and customer feedback comments. In this particular case study we have focused on our biggest seller mobility scooters. The feedback given offers a snap shot over the past 9 years on: What we have achieved, Why people donate mobility scooters, and Who benefits. Our aim is to show all stakeholders the difference me make to people’s lives, socially, economically and environmentally.

Survey/ Questionnaires we asked: ‘Why did you donate your mobility scooter?’


Our dad used his scooter every day it was like a lifeline for him as he suffered from a heart condition and couldn’t walk far. It helped him to get out and about and to meet with family, friends. When he passed away  the family didn’t want the scooter to go to waste as it was so beloved, it had been a part of him. We felt that donating could help someone else.  And I am sure he would have been delighted to make a difference to someone else’s life.


I upgraded my scooter  to a newer model and wanted to donate my old scooter as it was still in good working order. I know how expensive they can be and understand that some people are not financially in the same position as I am in being able to afford to buy new. I donated my scooter because I didn’t want to sell it over social media platforms as I don’t like the idea of people coming to my house. I saw Recycle Mobility Centre website and got in touch to arrange for it to be picked up. I think what Recycle Mobility Centre is doing is  remarkable and the thought that my old scooter would go to a good home made me feel happy that I could have helped.


Donated my mums scooter as she had become too frail to use it and had to go into a care home. I have experience of working within the Social Enterprise movement and understand the need to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and found Recycle Mobility Centre through my connections and was delighted to offer my mums scooter so that someone else would benefit from it .

Who benefits

Customers responses on buying a reconditioned scooter


Bought a second hand scooter in excellent condition and at an affordable price, it helps me to get out the house as I have been stuck in doors for over 2 years due to Covid lockdown. I now can’t walk far. It has also saved me money. My family pulled together raising  money to buy me a scooter as they could see I was struggling to get out. I only have my national pension to rely on and felt I would never afford a scooter. Am so grateful, this has changed my life. The staff were helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.


Bought a reconditioned small lite electric folding scooter as I was going on holiday and could not afford the price of hiring whilst abroad. The price was reasonable, scooter was in good condition. I am pleased with my scooter as  I would not have been able to afford a new one.


Before I came to RMC I did my research as I was looking for a specific type, model of scooter called a Royale 4, which could carry my weight as I am over 25 stone and travel a distance of 30 miles as I can no longer drive. I called first to ask if they could help. The staff were able to provide me with what I was looking for. I would rather buy this model second hand as I know it is very reliable, and easy to get parts for. I’ve saved myself a lot of money and can rely on staff in future for maintenance and repairs.

Offering training in mechanical and electrical engineering to young people

We offer employment and training to young people and volunteers in electrical and mechanical engineering. Customer service, health and safety at work with the aim of being a springboard onto college or apprenticeships.

What did you gain from your work experience?


I started working at RMC three days per week in 2017 repairing mobility equipment. With this experience and a reference I was able to enrol  full time into Anniesland college to study for an NC in mechanical and electrical engineering. I felt more confident and hopeful as I was able to transfer the knowledge and skills gained into my new course. I continued to work 2 days per week at RMC for 4 years and was able to progress through to University to study engineering design and gained a master’s degree then moved on to a full time graduate programme with Raytheon as a design engineer. From small beginnings  in mobility repairs to now designing rockets. Thank you for all the opportunities and support given along the way. It’s been life changing.


Employed at RMC from 2019 to present. I  initially studied for an NC at Anniesland College in electrical mechanical engineering progressing on to University studying for an Honours Degree in Power Engineering. During this time I have remained at RMC working 2 day per week on repairs and maintenance until I graduate. The experience I have gain: practical work experience, dealing with the public, understanding problem solving will be invaluable to me once I graduate into work.

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