Invacare Orion Metro 3

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  • Ideal for use on most terrains
  • Fully suspended chassis provide optimal levels of comfort
  • Big wheels allow for smooth ride over obstacles and uneven ground
  • Unique lighting system suitable for travelling in the dark
  • Electronic speed reduction ensures safety when travelling round corners
  • Two-step disengaging lever prevents free-wheeling
  • Visual and audio warning when batteries need charging
  • Built-in splash guard protects against water and dirt

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Top speed: 6 mph
Maximum range: 26 Miles
Scooter length: 1240mm (49″)
Scooter width: 660mm (26″)
Minimum seat height: 440mm (17.5″)
Maximum seat height: 510mm (20″)
Scooter weight: 103 kgs (16.25 st)
Maximum user weight: 136 kgs (21.5 st)


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